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Get rid of the troubles and tediousness of writing your own book. Let us ghostwrite your book and you take the credit for it.

Welcoming You to The Wonderful World of Becoming a Published Author

Brooklyn Ghostwriting welcomes you, our esteemed potential client, to the wonderful and magnificent world of ghostwriting! Ghostwriting is a professional service offered by talented and creative professional writers who are willing to use their expertise with the written word to formulate your ideas and concepts into a worded reality. It’s a great service to avail, especially for those too busy to write their own books but have concepts, ideas, or personal experiences to share to the rest of the world (such as celebrities or entrepreneurs). Ghostwriting is also really useful to aspiring writers suffering from writer’s block or those who have stories to tell but aren’t confident in their ability to write it down.

At Brooklyn Ghostwriting, we take the load of writing off your back so you can enjoy the creative liberty of storytelling/sharing your idea.

The Advantages of
Becoming an Author

Is writing a viable career? In short, yes! But it takes very strong writing skills to stand out among the countless aspiring online writers out there. It also takes a lot of hard work and dependability, along with a humble attitude. Brooklyn Ghostwriting is here to alleviate the hard work aspect of becoming a writer so you can enjoy the benefits of receiving royalties, recognition, and credibility with your stories and your ideas. The world deserves to know what you have to share!

Book Sales

By selling books online you can offer much more to a captive audience. If your audience has searched for what your book offers, you can help them in so many ways without them leaving your website.


By availing our ghostwriting services and becoming a published author through us, you can take advantage of becoming published worldwide! Imagine being a global bestseller.

Title Rights

Our ghostwriting services are just there to write the content of YOUR book for you. That means you (the author) keep all exclusive title rights to your book(s) and we cannot claim or reuse your work at all.

A wide range of ghostwriting services For you to avail and becoming a published author!

At Brooklyn Ghostwriting, our clients can avail a wide range of ghostwriting services to get one step closer to becoming a successfully published author. We are sure you will find our range of services to be comprehensive.

Book Editing

We have a team of editors who are going to scrutinize your manuscript for errors while also offering stylistic changes to the overall tone and readability of your book.


We have a team of professional writers, each specializing in a particular niche, who will take your idea/story and turn it into a written masterpiece!

Publication & Printing

Forget about the troubles and hassles of publishing your book through a publishing agency. Let us take care of that for you too!

& Proofreading

Our team of dedicated proofreaders give your book one last look (after the writing and editing phase) to fix any overlooked technical errors while also formatting the book to industry standard.


You thought it was over? After we write, edit, format, AND publish your book, we’re going to help you promote, distribute and market it! This way, we’ll ensure your book gets the sales it deserves.


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It’s time to get started Sharing your ideas with The World

There are a lot of people who have so many stories to tell but never really get around to telling them because they can’t write. Then there’s people who have a lot to share but aren’t able to because they lack the time to write. Let us take care of the writing hassle for you!

How to Make Your
Book the Best Book
There Is:

  • Being published on all online platforms, such as Kindle.
  • An eye-catching cover design
  • Fast and affordable self-publishing
  • Additions, revisions, and re-editions!

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Our ghostwriting services are fully-fledged to accommodate your every need or concern when it comes to the book writing process.

Rather than an executive allocating time to publish quality stories once a quarter or month, hiring a reputable ghostwriter can speed up the process of getting your story out there.

The cost of hiring a professional ghostwriter depends on the experience of said ghostwriter and their skill and expertise.

Brooklyn Ghostwriting never claims the rights to any book ghostwritten by us. Our clients reserve the rights to every project they hire us to do for them.

Brooklyn Ghostwriting will never reuse your written material or have any sort of claim to your books. Your content is safe with us and your all credit will be given to you (not the ghostwriters).

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